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Quality Decorative Planters

Tall Vases, Squares or Round Planters

San Diego Interior Plants offers Planters Planters designed for all applications. The chic modern Planter Collection is the ideal synthesis of aesthetics, easy-care and functionality. These modern elegant designs will be a highlight in private as well as public settings. Thanks to their functionality (light, unbreakable, robust, weather resistant) our Planter Collection is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, for private and professional landscaping.

European Planters

This European Line of Modern Indoor Planters is made with Fiberglass Material – Eco-Friendly

Tall Square Planters

These Tall Planters are the latest in tall modern shapes available in a New & Fresh Color. Eco-Friendly

Natural Planters & Baskets

Planters & Baskets are made from a wide range of natural material including: Bamboo, Willow, Rattan, Wood, Rope, Wickers etc. providing a wide range of design choices

European Planters

These Streamlined Modern Affordable Planters for Indoor Plant Presentation are made from High-end Recycled Material available in 43 colors- Eco-Friendly

Asian Ceramics & Rustic Planters

Organic Asian Ceramics, made in China, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, and other far east River fronts by local artisan. These Planters are hand-made with unique characteristics.

Poly-Ethylene Planters

Polyethylene Planters are Lightweight, made for tight office spaces and have affordable price points